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Volvo concept Car

Volvo Service Specialist

Heistand Automotive is a Volvo service specialist, with the advanced equipment, training and expertise necessary to provide the complex repairs and preventive maintenance required by Volvos. The Heistand team of expert foreign auto service techs includes leading Volvo Master Technicians, utilizing the latest cutting-edge equipment like the Volvo Vida Scan Tool. High-performance foreign cars like Volvo require specialized service, and Heistand has it. Call (717) 665-7100 now for an appointment.

Why Heistand – Volvo Service?

Complete, Expert Volvo Service
Repairs & Preventive Maintenance
Factory Trained, ASE Certified Technicians
Field-Tested Volvo Repair Techniques
State-of-the-Art Equipment
Original Equipment Parts
Over 25 Years Servicing Volvos & Foreign Cars

Volvo Expert Service

Oil Changes, Tune-Ups & Routine Service
Computer Diagnostics & Repair
Engine Diagnosis & Service
Transmission Diagnostics & Service
Cooling System Service
Air Conditioning/Heating Service
Brake Service
Alignments & Wheel Service
Suspensions & Steering Service
All Other Service & Maintenance

Meet Toby, Our Volvo Master Technician

Volvo Master Technician since 1997
Volvo VISTA Finals 1998 – International Service Training Award
Volvo Dealership Service Experience
Two Decades of Volvo Factory Training
Lancaster County CTC Top-of-Class Graduate - 1994
World Pac Specialty Training

Call (717) 665-7100 now for an appointment.